Teaching and Learning

This area of the site is intended to provide information used regularly by teachers in performing their educational mission.

T&L Guiding Documents


  • C&A Team Responsibilities
  • C&A Team Application
  • Course Approval Process
  • Major Course Change
  • Minor Course Change
  • HS Program of Study
  • AP Philosophy


Improvement Process

  • TPS School Improvement Strategies
  • Levels of Use
  • SIP Format
Grading & Reporting

  • Performance Level Descriptors
  • Conversion Scales

  • Instructional Leader Roles
  • Monitoring C&A Programs
  • Classroom Observation Tools
  • Instructional Reference Tools
Students With Jobs: Know The Rules!

Part-time or summer jobs can be a great learning experience for teens - but make sure that you know the rules to ensure that your students' experiences are safe and rewarding! Check out the following websites for more information: